Lambretta introduces V-Special and announces classic range

It has a steel body, interchangeable side panels, aluminium garnish and an undisputed Lambretta design...

The reputed Italian scooter brand is celebrating its 70th anniversary with the introduction of the V-Special, by the public already nicknamed Vendetta.

The V-Special range of the Milanese icon has been developed to anticipate on the higher demands of scooterists and regulators. The design, created by world renowned KISKA (KTM and Husqvarna) in collaboration with the Italian Lambretta community is a synthesis of classic design elements with modern interpretation. The masculine machine is issued with the vibrant type names V50, V125 and V200.

One of the features Lambretta introduce's is the double layer side panel. It encompasses an ingenious 1.2 mm steel semi-monocoque architecture inspired by the aeronautic industry.The sides are covered with panels that can be delivered in different shapes and colours. In 2018 the V-Special will be issued with an electric engine.

Alongside the contemporary range Lambretta is working on the re-introduction of its most iconic classics; the GP 200 and the SX 200 in Euro 4 and electric versions. Lambretta is anticipating on the requests of a segment of die-hard Lambrettisti that wish to extend their collection with upgraded versions. Currently the global market is flooded with replicas of classic Lambretta’s from China, India and Thailand. Lugano based Innocenti SA, the mother company of Lambretta has recently announced that it will take a strict stance on all copycats and their distributors avoiding free riding on the repute of Lambretta.


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